May 15, 2015


Imagine Louis C.K. and Rihanna Eloping to Hawaii (He Did) (She Didn't)

Louis C.K., the world's last great older white male, is hosting Saturday Night Live for the third time this weekend. In a new promo with all-star cast member Leslie Jones and the season finale's musical guest, Rihanna, Jones can't handle being in close proximity to the "Bitch Better Have My Money" superstar. Louis C.K., though...can.

"Yes, me and Rihanna are going to Hawaii," the Louie mastermind tells Jones of his summer plans.

"Um, noooooo?" corrects Rihanna, who has known to be about four to five seconds from wiling. "No."

Any guesses on what songs Rihanna will bring to the notoriously tricky-to-rock SNL stage? "Bitch Better Have My Money" seems like an appropriate closer for the sketch show's landmark 40th season. (Bring out the helicopterrrr.) And then maybe a new song? Maybe no "American Oxygen," please? Maybe bring Kanye and Paul McCartney for "FourFiveSeconds"? Follow through on that wiling threat?

Ah, fine, screw it. We're down for whatever. Rih & C.K. 4ever.