May 18, 2015


Miley Concludes Backyard Sessions With Tearful Eulogy for Her Blowfish

Well, that was fun. Miley CyrusHappy Hippie Foundation–presented Backyard Sessions have been bringing us blasts of brightness every few days for the last two weeks. Today's trio of videos mark the conclusion—for now.

Leading the pack is the first Miley original in the series, a melancholy piano ballad about her recently deceased blowfish, Pablow, the one who likeness she has as a tattoo. Miley's closeness with the pet she "never touched" becomes bleedingly clear at the three-minute mark, when she begins to break down. Particularly tough is the verse about having to endure a sickening sushi dinner after losing her aquatic amigo. Watch it up top.

The video features the same nighttime setting and fuzzy unicorn onesie as the last Backyard Session, which costarred Ariana Grande in mouse (or bear?) pajamas. To perk things up, we've also got daytime performances of the Turtles' 1967 classic "Happy Together" and Paul Simon's '75 staple "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." Check out those two also-stellar performances below, and cross your fingers the Backyard Sessions come back soon.