May 14, 2015


Watch Miley Cyrus Debut a Trippy New Song With the Flaming Lips

While her butterfly costume might have been entertainment enough to some (and right off the heels of her unicorn pajama onesie!), Miley Cyrus made the price of admission more than worth it at a New York party for Adult Swim this week. Alongside her new go-to collaborators the Flaming Lips, the woman behind the magnificent Backyard Sessions gave the live debut of a new song titled "Tiger Dreams."

In what very well might be her most mature (not to mention trippiest) sound to date, melancholy synths and moody guitars back the star as she lets her twang run loose, singing lyrics like, "And we always end up singing the same songs / They remind us of the coolest sh*t in the world." Listen up for a a woozy guitar solo in the middle. Bangerz this is not.

Miley gave a little insight about the track, telling partygoers, "It was called 'Tiger,' but as you can imagine, Wayne doesn't listen much to Katy Perry and I had to tell him that she already has a song called 'Tiger,'" presumably talking about Perry's "Roar" which boasts multiple lines about tigers and roaring.

"Tiger Dreams" is likely one of the seven songs Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne confirmed he was prepping with Cyrus and his band for an upcoming EP. Coyne told Billboard the songs were recorded in 2014 in Miley's home studio, which "is just a little room with a desk." He added that the tracks "feel pop, but a slightly wiser, sadder, more true version...some of it reminds me of Pink Floyd and Portishead."

There's no date set for the collab record, but given this fascinating new track, we're more than intrigued. Meanwhile, Miley's recruited the likes of Ariel Pink, Mike WiLL Made-It and the Lips for her upcoming solo LP.