May 4, 2015


LOLAWOLF's "Bitch" Vid: Miley Cyrus & Zoë Kravitz Go Underwear-Dancing

For those not in the know, Zoë Kravitz is so much more than her father's daughter. LOLAWOLF is the model/singer/bandleader/all around badass' brainchild, a glittery, synth electro-pop band that's equal parts insanity and melody. The trio's latest single, "Bitch," was given a video that fuels the group's duality and features a special cameo from someone you might recognize.

The clip begins with Kravitz dancing around a hotel room in her skivvies, at one point disrobing to use the toilet (don't worry, it's totally PG). Miley Cyrus enters the scene about 30 seconds in, blunt in hand.

They dance in their undergarments together, get high and even play Go Fish with Hannah Montana playing cards. When the song ends, the video continues. At one point Miley requests the cameraman make "this shit 3D."

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