May 18, 2015


Here's a Longer Chunk of Rihanna's New Song "Only If for a Night"

Update (5/18): When Rihanna's Dior campaign teaser arrived last week, word was that its soundtrack, "Only If for a Night," would be coming any day. And while the tune's not here in full, a minute-long vid of Rih-Rih pacing the luxe halls of Versailles is now available—and it's got a fat chunk of the Florence + the Machine–sampling cut from Rihanna's forthcoming eighth album.

Watch the teaser above. It's unclear if this is a chopped-up version of the Ceremonials rework or if this is how "Only If for a Night" will actually go. While there's no real sonic thread through the small handful of new Rihanna songs we've heard, these sounds are of a piece with "Bitch Better Have My Money" and some of the weirder bits of "American Oxygen."

Below, catch a behind-the-scenes clip, which is also soundtracked by the upcoming cut:

Original Story (5/14): Four tracks into Rihanna's new album and we still have no idea when it's dropping or what it's really going to sound like, but that won't stop the flow of new music. According to Women's Wear Daily, another track from the star's forthcoming LP is set to premiere early next week.

"Only If for a Night" will premiere via a short film for Dior starring RiRi, the new face of the high-fashion brand that also counts Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron as ambassadors. You can get the first look at the film and hear a quick snippet of the song in the video below.

As indicated by the clip, "Only If for a Night" samples a Florence + The Machine song of the same name. In February this year, Florence Welch divulged that Rih has a new track that samples "one of my favorite songs from Ceremonials," the band's sophomore album that contains the tune.

"I was so thrilled 'cause I'm such a huge fan," Flo said in response. "She sent me the song and I said, 'Of course.' It's a sample...I love it when stuff like that happens. When people re-imagine your music, I love that when it has all these different forms."

The short film that is soundtrack by "Only If for a Night" drops on Monday, May 18. Listen to the original F+TM track below and as you continue waiting for Rihanna's new album, check out everything we know about it right here.