May 13, 2015


Superheaven's "Gushin' Blood" Video Is as Gnarly as the Title Suggests

With the much-buzzed-about emo revival now mostly in our back pockets, it's time to move right along into the grunge revival...right? 

Superheaven, the band formerly known as Daylight, would never claim to be leading such a movement, but the Pennsylvania quartet's latest full-length offering, Ours Is Chrome, pays so much tribute to iconic '90s grunge/alternative groups that it's easy to imagine a whole crop of bands filled with young 20-somethings following suit in the near future. Some of Superheaven's peers like Balance & Composure, Basement and Title Fight are already in on the act.  

While the easy comparison here is Nirvana, Superheaven also incorporates bits and pieces of Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, Seaweed and plenty other loud '90s bands. In short: Superheaven stands out today as a damn good rock 'n' roll group. The video above is for Ours Is Chrome highlight "Gushin' Blood," a starkly personal and visceral track for vocalist/guitarist Taylor Madison.

Via a premiere on NPR, Madison states: 

"My youngest sister has been addicted to heroin for a few years now, and it's been one of the most difficult things my family has had to deal with. I've had to literally chase people away from my house because they were trying to bring drugs to the house while we were trying to keep my sister clean long enough to get to rehab. This song is kind of about a fantasy I've had many times; of getting all of those people in a room and torturing them, cutting them up and burying them in the woods." 

Given the dark place from which "Gushin' Blood" was born, it's no surprise to see the video match right up. Director Max Moore, who has impressed recently working with Code Orangethe Menzingers and others, takes us through everything that happens after a bloody murder. 

The visuals feel right in place alongside Superheaven's sound—guitars that come through like they've stacked amps on top of each other as high as the ceiling will allow, thick enough to burst an eardrum. Ours Is Chrome is available now via SideOneDummy Records. Read Fuse's recent conversation with Superheaven right here.