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Taking Back Sunday Play Arsonists in "Better Homes and Gardens" Vid

Grab some gasoline, light a match and follow frontman Adam Lazzara in this destructive journey

Taking Back Sunday helped popularize a certain mall punk sound in the early aughts, treating punk rock with the same care one might give pop music. Frontman Adam Lazzara had (and has!) pipes for days, while his merrymen of emo graduates carry his signature sound with fierce guitar riffs. 

Today, the Long Island boys have released the video for their latest single, "Better Homes and Gardens."

The video is as deliciously uncomplicated as the song itself. Lazzara paces in a wooden area, gasoline tank in tow. He begins pouring the stuff all over a wooden home's exterior, eventually heading inside, where the dude wants to watch this shit burn. He lights a cigarette and makes his exit, leaving the house ablaze. 

When the video ends, the home does, too. There's nothing but rubble left. Quite the metaphor! Peep it above and watch old school Fuse interviews with the band right here.

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