May 18, 2015


Finally! Here's Taylor Swift's Kickass, Star-Studded "Bad Blood" Video

After weeks of teasing the celebrity cast, Taylor Swift premiered her new video for "Bad Blood" to kick off the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

Watch the cinematic visual above that features not only T. Swift showing some kickass karate moves, but a star-studded cast that includes Paramore's Hayley WilliamsEllie GouldingZendaya and the vid's unexpected supervillian, Selena Gomez. There's loads of action film references here too, we see The Fifth Element, Watchmen, Tron and Kill Bill, among others.

While the video boasts a pretty incredible display of special effects and celebrity cameos, what might be most unexpected for viewers is the new version "Bad Blood" heard along with the video that sees Kendrick Lamar (who Taylor is known to be a suuuper fan of) handling two new verses of his own.

Psy's "Gentleman" video currently holds YouTube's record for most views in a single day when he amassed 38 million on April 14, 2013. With all this hype and exciting premiere, is Taylor contending to beat the K-pop king? She's definitely in the running to break Nicki Minaj's 24-hour record on Vevo, when the MC's "Anaconda" video earned 19.6 million in its first day last year.