June 17, 2015


Twenty One Pilots Talk #1 Album, Reveal Secret Handshake

Twenty One Pilots' "piano-driven schizoid pop and lyrical uplift" was a big step away from the Fueled By Ramen's former modus operandi of dipping into a pool of straightforward pop punk future-champions, and it couldn't have served them better. If not a great industry success story, Twenty One Pilots is, at the very least, a lesson to all that it's always beneficial to keep trying new things.

Fuse got to hang out with the guys at Bonnaroo over this past weekend where they provided some valuable insight into the origin of the character Blurryface, and the inspiration behind their #1 album of the same name. "Blurryface is a character that really represents everything that I'm insecure about as an individual, and so it helped for me to pick a name and give this person a back story, and a seat at the table that I could look across and really address those insecurities," singer Tyler Joseph elaborated. "I wouldn't say that this record is a concept record but there's definitely a common thread that runs throughout where this character needs to be defeated." Check out the full video above, and in the follow up below, learn the official Twenty One Pilots handshake, below. 

Blurryface is out now on Fueled By Ramen.