June 25, 2015


Amy Schumer Wants You to Stop With This Disney Princess Nonsense

The internet's resident funny lady Amy Schumer is back at it, this time with a bizarre, vaguely feminist critique on every young girl's favorite thing: Disney, specifically, its princesses. 

She begins as all these stories begin, as a poor commoner. Tim Gunn makes an appearance as her royal attaché, whisking her away to a castle where she discoveries she's, like, totally a princess. Everything goes awry when it's time to meet her prince who turns out to be her first cousin, Prince Gilligan...as played by Schumer.

Then comes the heavy duty critiques: Amy realizing that as a princess, she's only 14, Tim Gunn telling her that her only role is incubating a prince, almost being beheaded for only producing female offspring and eventually actually being beheaded after the commoners revolt.

We guess life as a Disney princess isn't that great.