June 14, 2015


Interview: Comedian Big Jay Oakerson At Bonnaroo 2015

Of all the stunts Big Jay Oakerson has pulled to stimulate the media (ala how he very likely trolled his own Wikipedia page to claim past employment as a "chauffeur for strippers at children's parties"), he may be most famous of all for... crying. 

Yes, crying. 

Jay appeared on Brian Koppelman's "The Moment" podcast a couple of months ago to talk about his career, and at an emotional point during their exchange, the pressures of the industry pushed him to let it all out right there in the recording. Regardless of whether or not it makes sense for a person to be famous for crying —a thing that literally all humans have to do— it does draw a parallel between Big Jay and his unlikely touring comrades in Korn, a band whose frontman also famously cried in the vocal booth during the recording of "Daddy." 

The resilient comedian headed to Bonnaroo for his first time ever this year, spreading his special brand of snarky and dirty humor to one more corner of the world, and we were lucky to talk in person about his take on the "Neverland" that is Bonnaroo's 700 acre grounds. 

Check it out above, and if you need a few laughs to cap off your weekend, get Jay's "What's Your Fucking Deal" comedy album here.