June 24, 2015


See Big Sean & Jhené Aiko as Wrinkly Oldsters (Plus a Video with Kanye)

Big Sean is on filmic fire. Last week he gave us the emotional "One Man Can Change the World" video, and today he's got two more from his Dark Sky Paradise record. (One of our favorites of 2015 so far, btw.)

In "I Know," above, Sean Don and Jhené Aiko play old folks living their lives to a dark DJ Mustard beat. We never knew how much we wanted to see the man who made "I Don't Fuck With You" toddling in a walker till now. And it's neat to see what a beaut Jhené will still be—and how hard she'll be partying—when she's all wrinkled and wizened.

The video for "All Your Fault"—probably our favorite Dark Sky Paradise cut, featuring some of Kanye West's top lines since Yeezus—has Big Sean and Yeezy playing dueling concert holograms. We wouldn't expect anything less from Young Walt Disney and Sean Don. Scope out the hallucinogenic clip once you're done watching and rewatching Sean and Jhene as senior citizens: