June 15, 2015


Interview: Jack Antonoff on Bonnaroo With Bleachers vs. With Steel Train

A lot of listeners worried about Jack Antonoff (and Andrew Dost) of fun. after frontman Nate Ruess made the heavy decision to break away from the group for his solo album "Grand Romantic." It was sad to see the cultish, indie underground heroes reach mainstream heights usually reserved for Clear Channel pet projects like Bieber and Gaga, only to disappear faster than "Some Nights" could burrow an earworm into your brain.

But if his spirit on stage at Bonnaroo in front of thousands as he leads his latest group Bleachers through a five star set are any indication, Jack's not worried about nothin'. "I know you're hot, and I know you're fuckin' tired, and I know you're sweating out God knows what you're sweating out... but the way you're fuckin' going off is just the shit Bonnaroo!!!"

So you shouldn't be worried either.

After the high-energy, high-sweat Bleachers set Jack stopped to talk with Fuse about what he finds different about Bonnaroo from other festivals, the disparity between Steel Train tours and Bleachers tours, and possibly his most exciting venture yet —Show Of The City Festival.

If you haven't kept up with Jack since fun. ended, soak up the Duran Duran-esque stylings of "Rollercoaster" via the official video below.