June 20, 2015


Who's Invited To Your Hypothetical Bonnaroo Superjam?

The Bonnaroo Superjam has secured itself a place in legitimate music and pop culture history. Over the years, festival organizers at Superfly Presents have paired up the strange (Jim James + John Oates + Billy Idol + R. Kelly), the obvious but in demand (D'Angelo + Questlove), and the obvious but overlooked (Les Claypool with Gogol Bordello), for some iconic live performances. 

Inasmuch, modern musicians everywhere have daydreamed about their own customized Superjams, built from the ground up with handpicked collaborators of their choice. This year when Fuse caught up with Run The Jewels, Guster, and Kerry King of Slayer we had to ask the question: Who would they recruit for their Superjam?

The guys had some really funny and interesting answers for us. "George W Bush surprised me with his painting skills, I'd like to see what he could do in a Superjam setting," Guster joked. Or... were they joking? 

Watch above for the full list of living and dead personalities.