June 24, 2015


Watch Channing Tatum Do 'Magic Mike' As Adorably Told By Children

It's hard to make Channing Tatum more wonderful than he is naturally, but the folks over at the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon managed to do just that. While the world gets all hot and bothered over the upcoming Magic Mike XXL, Fallon and crew asked Tatum to reenact some of those scenes...only, not exactly.

In this skit, elementary school kids submitted stories on what they think a film called Magic Mike could be about. So this has nothing to do with the actual film, just what children imagine this movie about a magical man might be.

In one scene, Tatum plays "Mike, except magic" and helps his dear friend Josh (played by Fallon) fix his bike with a flat tire. In another, he's responsible to keeping aliens off planets...and later reveals that he, too, is an alien. In the last scene, they sing their hit, "Magic Bird Come Fly With Me."

Check it out above! Next time we vote they have the kids do Jurassic Park...or World!