June 24, 2015


Author Chuck Palahniuk Reads the Nightmarish 'Fight Club 4 Kids'

Fight Club was a great novel and a cool film with one extremely huge flaw: It just wasn't good for the elementary school set. Almost, but not quite. Finally, almost 20 years after the book kicked off Chuck Palahniuk's career, the 53-year-old author's written the bedtime story version parents have been dying for.

Watch Palahniuk debut Fight Club 4 Kids for Mashable above. 

Here's a pleasant sample of the storybook's rhythm:

"'Let's start a club,' said the spiky haired friend. 'We'll call it the Horsing Around Club, and we'll just...we'll just fucking go to town on each other, just visceral, disturbing shit, y'know?! Really just fist to fucking face, beating the shit out of one another.'" 

So Palahniuk stumbles here and there, struggling to get away from the original Fight Club (which he jokes is his only novel, ignoring the 15 or so he's published since). In the end he...well, he fails. Completely. But hey: Fight Club 2 is now rolling out in the form of a comic book, so it's no wonder Chuck can't escape the dark vibes.