June 18, 2015


G-Eazy Has Completed 40 Songs For 'The Rise Of The Villain'

Oakland rapper G-Eazy is feeling the pressure as he gears up for his second major label release, The Rise Of The Villain. After his debut for RCA These Things Happen peaked at number one on various charts in 2014, G and his team were no doubt pleased, but the bar had officially been set very high for any G-Eazy releases to follow. 

"The second album is the hardest obstacle, I think, for any rapper to try to overcome," Eazy explained of his sophomore effort. "But I think that's where you find out if you're meant to do this or not. I've been working really, really hard on this next album. For the last four or five months or so I've barely left the studio."

Eazy, whose first time attending or playing Bonnaroo was last weekend, was candid as he sat down with Fuse to discuss the unique personality of the festival, and life as a career musician. 

While we wait patiently for the release date to be announced for The Rise Of The Villain, curb your appetite for Eazy's prep-hop below with "Tumblr Girls" from Eazy's major label debut These Things Happen.