June 15, 2015


Interview: Guster Feeds Hippies With Cereal At Bonnaroo

In case you didn't know, or didn't keep up with drummer Brian Rosenworcel's Fuse TV Instagram Takeover this weekend, Guster is hilarious. 

The guys have been jamming around the indie rock scene for 25 years and they still get their kicks in between sets by generously visiting campers with boxes of cereal to help them ward off their evil hangovers with fortified vitamins and fresh dairy (until the dairy ran out). 

If that's not awesome enough on its own, Guster's sound (see: the most important part) stands the test of time. Guster's wistful and wispy indie rock puzzle piece snaps as nicely into the Bonnaroo picture in 2015 as it did when they were on the bill 11 years ago.

When the guys weren't busy running our Instagram for us at Bonnaroo, feeding hippies, and rocking out, we sat down with them to talk about all of the above, including how their before Slayer went. "We performed and... we were pretty good!"

If you're not familiar with the Boston legends, they just dropped their new album "Evermotion" this year on Nettwerk, of which you can check out the single "Long Night" below.