June 23, 2015


'Heroes Reborn' Trailer Creeps Us Out With Choral Metallica Cover

Heroes is returning as a miniseries this autumn after its four-year run ended in 2010. Dubbed Heroes Reborn, it'll feature return performances from Cristine Rose, Milo Ventimiglia, Adrian Pasdar, Jack Coleman and, most importantly, Masi Oka.

Today we get a somber look at the return, one where the world's demanding to know: Where are the heroes? The clip is scored by Belgium's Scala & Kolacny, a women's choir led by two brothers fond of (masterfully) interpreting popular songs. This time it's Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters," one of the group's very best.

Scala & Kolacny, formed in 1996, saw a huge popularity boost when their cover of Radiohead's "Creep" helped the trailer for The Social Network achieve perfection.

Heroes Reborn will play out over 13 installments starting in September on NBC. The project will "reconnect with the basic elements of the show's first season where ordinary people were waking up to the fact that they had extraordinary abilities."