June 19, 2015


Watch Iggy Azalea Do Carpool Karaoke, Be Her Most Charming Self

Iggy Azalea isn't evil. The internet's pretty good at shredding her, she's pretty good at helping the internet shred her, and the whole "I'm a hard-ass Southern rapper (from Australia) snatching up zillions of hip hop bucks" still doesn't sit right with a lot of us. But come on—she's alright.

Late Late Show show host and master enthusiasm-machine James Cordon went for a ride with Iggy last night and reminded us of Iggy's lovable side. The two only spend a short while on "Fancy," but they go crazy on "Black Widow." It's charming. Then they do the Jennifer Hudson collabo "Trouble" and our hearts melt all the way down.

To wrap things up, Iggy and James try on some wedding dresses and take the Britney-assisted "Pretty Girls" for a walk.

Lately Iggy's been having a rough time: She ditched social media, canceled her first arena tour and threw six months of work on her sophomore album in the trash. So it's good to see she's still out there having some fun.