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June 22, 2015


Here's Kat Graham's Bondage-Heavy "1991 (Cities at Night Remix)" Video

The intersection of sensuality, love, female identity and goth cool is a confusing one. Heroes like FKA Twigs seem to have it down in an arty fashion, but few are able to create something that truly reflects what bondage imagery symbolizes: limitation, control and the space between.

We here at Fuse have been massive Kat Graham fans since the beginning, and her latest video for "1991 (Cities at Night Remix)" not only confirms our admiration, but deals with these questions with physical professionalism. As Kat's voice careens over a hearty synth and black-and-white imagery, we're taken into her world, one clad in leather and not much else.

Get mesmerized by the premiere of the "1991 (Cities at Night Remix" above.

Kat explained the new music video in full detail to Fuse:

"When I first heard the 'CAN' remix I knew that it needed a visual companion. A different energy and imagery than what the original 1991 video was. Morgan and Larry did a beautiful job combining the sub-conscience of needing to be free but unable to let someone go with the parallels of physical bondage. We stayed up until the sun came up to bring this song to life."

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