June 16, 2015


Lil B Went on ESPN to Talk About Casting Curses on NBA Players

Lil B the BasedGod is into curses. Hip hop's humble, hex-happy deity has been coming for NBA players recently, and ESPN invited the man who was born with the name Brandon on to talk it out. 

Watch the clip—where the panel plays "Cursed or Not Cursed?"—up top. There's no chance you're ready for this moment in American history, or for B's earrings, or for the rest of his ensemble.

Lil B talking about Kevin Durant, James Harden, Marreese Speights and LeBron James would be worth watching all itself—but add that spooky, flute-y music on top and this is a Weird Internet Classic.

Also, the BasedGod moved to the benevolent side to bless Sports Nation's desk: