June 19, 2015


Mastodon's New Video Is the 'Lord of the Rings' of Kitty Cat Acid Trips

Update (6/19): Cat fans, you ain't ready. Visually (and musically) adventurous metal goofballs Mastodon have dropped their tantalizingly teased "Asleep in the Deep" video, and it's—WAIT FOR IT—purrrrfect. (Nailed it. Definitely nailed it.) 

The rich narrative proceeds like this: 

  • Metal dude falls asleep on couch, presumably after "epic bong rip."
  • Cat, relieved of pet duties, heads out, adventure on her mind, courage in her heart.
  • Cat encounters mystical world, is curious, not entirely impressed.
  • Cat's loving it.
  • Turns out it's some Alice in Wonderland milk.
  • Cat transforms into psychedelic Jim Henson puppet cat, enters psychotic world of blacklights, laser eyes, vapor trails, toking frogs strumming stringed instruments.

That's just the beginning of the six-minute voyage to Space-Mordor. Walk alongside our feline friend for the rest, all the way to her galactic destiny. Don't crash too hard when you come back to reality.

Original Story (6/16): Mastodon's next video will be "Asleep in the Deep." That's just a fact. It's a single from Once More 'Round the Sun, the band's fantastical, geekical sixth album, the one that came out a year ago this month.

But another fact is that "Asleep in the Deep" will be all about cats. And some of those cats will be Jim Henson-esque puppets. Fraggle Rock cats, if you will. Which, yeah, you will, because you don't have a choice. Mastodon are coming for you, and your cats. Here's the teaser:

This isn't the first time the metallurgists have messed about with the Muppet-y side of life: Their 2011 video "Deathbound" was similarly felted and furred.

The "Asleep in the Deep" video will show up this Friday, June 19. They've been teasing it for the last week with outrageous, feline fotes. Hit their Instagram for those.