June 15, 2015


Watch Metallica Rock the National Anthem at the NBA Finals

In a grand tradition that stretches at least as far back to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, Metallica have their own axe-based interpretation of America's National Anthem. And they just rocked it on live TV for the very lucky folks at the NBA Finals' fifth game between the Cleveland Cavaliers (hashtag LeBron) and the Golden State Warriors.

Watch the patriotic shred-fest—billed as Metallica although it's just James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett—above.

Rolling Stone's got some sportsy Metallica trivia:

"The Bay Area band are known for supporting their local sports teams. For the past three years, they've made appearances at the San Francisco Giants' 'Metallica Day,' where the guitarists have opened with their Hendrix-esque version of the National Anthem. The group has also participated in a 'Metallica Night' with hockey team the San Jose Sharks."

Can we get a Hetfield & Co. take on "This Land Is Your Land" next? "America the Beautiful"? Whatever you've got, guys.