June 24, 2015


One Direction Share Adorable, Action-Packed Between Us Perfume Ad

One Direction are total pros at making ridiculous commercials for their perfumes, but their latest might take the cake. Between Us is the latest scent and the ad has the boys acting a bit more than they usually do.

The mostly surprising thing? This Zayn Malik-less minute-and-a-half-long video doesn't leave us as sad as it would've when we first heard of his departure. What's going on?

The ad starts with Harry Styles rocking mountain climbing gear. He walks into a gorgeous room and presents two scientists with "Mountain Fraser, from the highest mountain." A few seconds later and in comes Liam Payne, in a wet suit, with "Amber, from the ocean." It gets stranger from there. Louis Tomlinson waltzes in donning an astronaut suit, holding an apricot. When asked if it's from space, a scene cuts away to the British babe in a grocery shop, the fruit floating as if there were no gravity. "It's organic," he jokes.

Niall Horan is last and arrives dressed in his regular street clothes. "Where's your costume?" Liam questions. "Where's your ingredient?" Harry adds. Niall pulls out an onion, much to the dismay of everyone, Louis adding, "You know we're making a perfume?" He then uses the onion to shed a single tear—that's the secret ingredient, folks! 

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