June 14, 2015


Interview: What You Need To Know About Priory

I had the pleasure of learning firsthand that Brandon and Kyle of Portland's Priory are some of the funniest, realest, and bizarrely skilled band dudes on the circuit today. It was at an intimate dinner hosted by the Sour Patch Kids House in Brooklyn that I first learned what a Journeyman Farrier was, and in the same five minutes I was floored to find out you could maintain a reasonable level of health while living off of only plasma-donation money for a whopping two years while making a rock record.

That record, "Need To Know," dropped via Warner Bros last April and it's been fairing pretty well for the duo ever since. In addition to achieving some subversive, personal goals along the way (ala quietly and lyrically criticizing global politics in their singles), they were also able to celebrate the industry-recognized benchmark of cutting into the top 40 with peak chart position of 39.

Keeping the momentum going, Priory visited Bonnaroo for their first time this year, and filled Fuse in on the need-to-know bullet points of their young career.

Check out the official video for Priory's hit single "Weekend" below.