June 25, 2015


R5 Talk Bringing More "Oomph!" to "Let's Not Be Alone Tonight," New LP

With their first album and world tour under their belts, R5 is approaching their upcoming releases and gigs with a larger knowledge base and loftier goals. Including getting a huge hit single.

"We went with 'Let's Not Be Alone Tonight' as the first single because it's got a really huge chorus," R5 bassist/singer Riker Lynch told Fuse during a tour rehearsal. "When competing with other acts on radio and other artists, the chorus is really what sets up a large part of the song. I think a hit song has to have everything. 'Let's Not Be Alone' just kind of fit with that chorus realm. Lyrically, the song shows us aging up as well as just naturally becoming older as people."

The L.A.-based quintet add that while promoting their debut LP Louder, they'd naturally find themselves cranking up the guitar. Those inclinations helped shape the sound of Sometime Last Night, out next month.

"When we played [Louder] live, we had to edge it up," adds guitarist Rocky Lynch. "We wanted it to have more guitars, we wanted it to sound more like us. With this album, the songs are kind of how we'd play them live." Or as Ross Lynch succinctly puts it, "We wanted more oomph!"

Watch more with the band in rehearsals above and then watch the video for "Let's Not Be Alone Tonight" one more time below.