June 15, 2015


Interview: Comedian and Tennessee Native Ralphie May On Bonnaroo

Playing Bonnaroo is a huge honor for Tennessee-native comedian Ralphie May, but he's not about to pretend like the place isn't crowded with "80,000 stinking white people." Jokes aside, May elaborated on his appreciation for the fest, "Bonnaroo is special because they're the first ones to really run to stand up comedy, and put it in its own venue, and elevate it to its own art."

While competitors like SXSW have jumped on the bandwagon (er, comedian-wagon?) in recent years, Bonnaroo began supporting comedians a decade ago when they put Jim Breuer on the festival in 2005. 

The air filled with thunderous laughter at May's Bonnaroo performance where he unleashed a back catalogue of dirty jokes that he'd cached while performing for more family-friendly audiences and live specials over the years. Afterwards, we got to sit with him and hear about what he loves about Tennessee, what he loves about Bonnaroo, and later, how he got his start in comedy opening for the late Sam Kinison.

If you're not already privy to the fat jokes, dirty jokes, and Southern jokes made famous by May —who isn't shy or embarrassed about his rotund physicality— check out the trailer below for his hilarious Netflix special.

Ralphie will continue his tour beyond Bonnaroo; find the dates here.