June 25, 2015


Regal Rap Battle: Daenerys of 'Game of Thrones' vs. Disney's Maleficent

We spend too much time watching Game of Thrones wondering who'll take the Iron Throne, conquer Westeros, finally make the Freys pay, and/or defeat the White Walkers. The real investigations we should be conducting are which George R.R. Martin characters could take on which power-players from other fantasy series. Fortunately YouTube's on it.

In a new installment of Princess Rap Battles, Emilia Clarke's multi-hyphenate ruler Daenerys Targaryen is played by Yvonne Strahovski, while Angelina Jolie's Maleficent—the Sleeping Beauty villainess who recently got her own live-action movie—is brought to life by Whitney Avalon.

The concept and costume design are great; the rapping is unequivocally corny, inspired more by Space Jam than 8 Mile. We dig the animated segment, though. Watch it above.

Whitney Avalon has created a number of these Princess Rap Battles, including Snow White vs. Frozen's Elsa, Lord of the Rings' Galadriel vs. Star Wars' Princess Leia, and, the one we'll send you out on, Mrs. Claus vs. Mary Poppins: