June 8, 2015


Movie Music: Scott Vener on Curating the 'Entourage' Film Soundtrack

I still remember seeing Home Alone 2 as a kid and thinking the age-old Christmas music accompanying Kevin's mischief was more powerful in that context than it had ever been inside a church in December. Conversely, I recall how annoyed I was when I saw Notorious for the first time and realized that not a single song from Ready to Die appeared in the movie.

Who was in charge of arranging these tracks? Who were the experts and who were the fakes that managed to mess up something so obvious as movie based on the life of Biggie Smalls?

Cue Scott Vener.

Above, you'll hear Scott discuss how he came to know the founding heads behind the hit series Entourage, which many of you know was recently turned into a full length feature. While Scott doesn't get into the deep, nitty-gritty details of negotiating with publishers, clearing songs, and hiring studio musicians for scenes where a preferred track can't be cleared, he does shed some much-needed light on the business. 

The takeaway? The foundation for your career is a good ear.

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