June 30, 2015


Exclusive: The Reasn Premiere Official Video for "Blue Flame"

Los Angeles singer the Reasn's story has hardly just begun. We know very little so far except that he originally hails from Columbia, MO, he's released three of his own tracks, and...the kid can sing.

If given half a chance, I'd be fine with leaving it at that. I'd hate for the mysterious figure I've built in my head to lose his luster as his visibility increased—looking at you, the WeekndKid Cudi. With such a powerful voice, let's forego all of the PR campaigning and stunting; all I need from the Reasn is a steady flow of staff-jumping, emotive, solo-laden R&B.

Largely overlooked, "Blue Flame" initially hit the net over three months ago and stirred up only a handful of spins on Soundcloud and YouTube. Today I hope to shed a little light on this overtly honest vocal performance by the Reasn in an exclusive premiere of the exceptionally shot official video, above. 

It's to be seen whether or not "Blue Flame" is part of a larger project, but if the teaser on his website should be taken as a clue we can expect the single to accompany the full version of "25 Till Empty" on an album-quality mixtape sooner than later.

Keep up with the Reasn here to find out.