June 18, 2015


Interview: Scott From Tycho On Bonnaroo, His Next Album

San Francisco audio/visual artist Scott Hansen, better known by his fans as Tycho, is what I like to all a "grow-er," not a "show-er." While many of his festival peers are dropping seemingly out of nowhere via major label releases, and charting very early on in their careers, Hansen has spent a decade slowly building his incredible brand of adventurous instrumental soundscapes supported by escapist motion graphics not unlike those made famous by Flying Lotus.

Fuse pried into the future of Tycho when we crossed paths with him at Bonnaroo, learning that we can expect the next Ghostly International release sometime in 2016. "In between the last couple tours, we started working on some new songs, just putting ideas together," Hansen explained of the status of the material. "As soon as I'm back from this one I'm gonna start working that into full-fledged arrangements. I'm not sure when that one will be out, but I'm shooting for next year."

Watch above for the full interview where Scott talks about his graphic design background under the moniker ISO50, his last pass through Minneapolis, MN on tour, and his next album. For those who couldn't make it to Manchester, TN last weekend you can see the opener to Tycho's set below.