June 15, 2015


What an Amazing Day to Be a Will Ferrell/Kristen Wiig/Amy Poehler Fan

For a while it looked like Will Ferrell and his former SNL costar Kristen Wiig made a Lifetime movie in secret, and that it was coming soon. Then it was off. Then it was, wonderfully, back on.

Today's the luckiest day of all, though, because the first trailer for A Deadly Adoption is here, meaning it's definitely going to air, and we're definitely going to see it. (On the night of the premiere. With popcorn. And Twitter.) 

This motherfuster looks like it could even be a serious, real-life Lifetime movie. Maybe it'll feel campy watching Ferrell and Wiig act in a melodrama that shows its hand right in the title, but this could actually be a standard issue drama like most of the network's fare? We'll see. And we can't wait to.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it over the weekend (were you also in the woods, in a tent, streaming Orange Is the New Black via your iPhone's pitiful two bars of service? Didn't see you, if so), Ferrell has another project en route. This one would create one more Saturday Night Live miracle, with Amy Poehler playing Willy Will's wife in The HouseVariety sums it up:

Ferrell will play a husband who joins with his neighbors to start an illegal casino in his basement after he and his wife blow their daughter’s college fund. Poehler will play his wife.

Poehler's still in talks for the part, but if a Kristen Wiig/Will Ferrell Lifetime movie can happen, Hollywood should be able to handle this one with its eyes closed. Our dreaming devices are on full throttle. Fred Armisen/Kenan Thompson buddy cop movie next.