June 29, 2015


Here's Amy Winehouse, Age 14, Singing "Happy Birthday" to Her Friend

Amy Winehouse's life story will be told on film when Amy comes to theaters this Friday, July 3. The trailer clobbered us a couple months back, with its early-days footage of a singer who wasn't sure she'd ever get famous, or that she could "handle it" if she did.

Now we've got a look at a brief new clip featuring a 14-year-old Amy Winehouse giggling with her friends in 1998 at a birthday party. In a handheld home movie, the lollipop-licking group launches into a casual rendition of "Happy Birthday." Everyone goes silent when Mini-Amy opts to dial her pipes all the way up.

Rolling Stone says Amy is presented in two acts:

"In the first half, we watch a young, talented, one-of-a-kind singer get her footing and blossom into a star. However, in the second half, we watch as Winehouse falls into her drugged-out downward spiral, precipitated by hangers-on, the media and even her own family."

Here's the full trailer: