July 30, 2015


1,000 Brilliant Italians Play Foo Fighters' "Learn to Fly" in a Field

Well, when you set a precedent like this, it's bound to get its share of copycats: Take, for instance, the recent trend of towns and cities beckoning the Foo Fighters to their humble homes via crowdfunding campaigns and other attention-grabbing tricks.

In the case of Cesena, a city in the north of Italy, the game plan is to capture Dave Grohl and Co.'s hearts by recording a live performance of "Learn to Fly" and uploading it to YouTube.

Sure, you've seen giant vocal covers of these songs wherein a large chorus somehow manages to sound collectively in tune. But how about hundreds of guitarists, bassists and drummers playing along, too? In all, the video claims the total number to be 1,000 musicians—quite the hefty count, sure, but the city's overall population nearly tops 100,000.

No official response from the Foos yet, but this kind of thing worked out for Richmond, Virginia last year, and this certainly seems like something Mr. Grohl would be very much behind. The band is currently on tour in Asia in support of last year's Sonic Highways.