July 27, 2015


Austin Mahone Brings "Dirty Work" for Video Inspired by 'The Office'

Austin Mahone may be young, but his new music video for "Dirty Work" proves the dude knows good TV.

The 19-year-old pop star brings a five-minute visual loosely based around The Office where he finds himself in an office of random misfits, alongside a Michael Scott-like boss, a Phyllis-esque woman in thick glasses and a creepy janitor. Viewers get to watch loads of mockumentary-style interviews with the workers when a new hottie joins the team and Austin gets put in charge for the day.

The Texas singer turns everyone's cubicle into a full-on party, as he gets closer and closer with his work crush. The two even find a private office for what they thought was some sexy private time...until they realize the entire team is watching them.

"Dirty Work" is one of Austin's best singles to date and the video should only up the hype for his upcoming debut full-length.