July 1, 2015


BIGBANG Turn Into Pop-Punk Stars on New Single "Sober"

Unless you don't use YouTube, by now you know BIGBANG can own any kind of electronic and rap track...but what about rock? Their new single "Sober" tests the waters.

Listen above to the K-pop phenoms' latest that replaces their usual pop beat with crackling percussion and cool guitars. From the opening chords, it sounds like the type of track that wouldn't be out of place on alternative radio or at Warped Tour. Even G-Dragon (who we can always count on for a blazing rap verse) is channeling his inner punk star with his bratty sing-song delivery, though T.O.P is still serving his usual MC swagger making this fit into K-pop's genre-bending world rather than punk-pop land.

And while we knew the guys can get wild in their music videos (have you seen "Bae Bae"?), the guys are getting extra cray in "Sober" where they are ironically acting more or less intoxicated. Look out for an array of wild scenes that includes Daesung stumbling inside a box of confetti, T.O.P crawling helplessly around a field and GD laughing maniacally while holding a bouquet of flowers. Watch til the end so you can see the guys run around a forest area together while chasing what looks like a magical golf cart. Bizarre? Yes. Awesome? Most definitely.

"Sober" is the fifth single we've gotten from BIGBANG's upcoming Made album, that drops in September. The punky cut was revealed earlier today along with its b-side emo ballad "If You." Punk, emo...maybe BIGBANG really could play on Warped Tour.