July 29, 2015


Watch Cara Delevingne Shut Down Condescending Interviewers

Get ready to watch the most incredible interview of your life! Cara Delevingne, model, actress and friend to the stars plays the lead in The Fault in Our Stars author John Green's latest film adaptation, Paper Towns. A recent Good Morning Sacramento interview shows Cara shutting it down when a couple of surly interviewers ask her some egregious questions. 

The first arrives when Delevingne is asked if she's actually read the book, to which Delevingne responds:

"Never read the book, or the script, actually. I kinda winged it. Of course I read the book. It's an incredible book. John Green is an incredible author. If you haven't read his books you should."

They then precede to ask her if it's easier to focus when she's busy all the time (one of the interviewers says he even read her IMDB page!) and she begins with, "I don't know where that came from. It's not easier to focus. I love what I do."

They then ask her if she identifies with her Paper Towns character Margo, and she replies, "No, I actually hate her." Another gentleman jumps in and asks if she's exhausted because she seems to be not excited, and, well, we'll let Cara take it from there.

Watch the hilarious interview above, then click through our favorite Delevingne runway looks.