July 14, 2015


Stream 'Party Adjacent,' the Solo LP from Alkaline Trio's Dan Andriano

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

There's this moment on Party Adjacent, right at the top. The fragile, hopeful lullaby intro's background fuzz builds to concert-ready distortion; it keeps humming, full volume, until we're suddenly in another song. You can't help but immediately think: Danny did it. 

"It," in this case, is the 38-year-old Alkaline Trio bassist's having concocted an album lover's solo album. Under the moniker Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room, the man behind classics like "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" and "We've Had Enough" released his debut record in 2012. Hurricane Season was a gorgeous home run, full of Dan's tenderly acerbic, beautifully bruised, wordily searching signature style. It was a quiet home run, though—one he cranked out of the park while the grandstands were half-empty on account of rain. It was made in Dan's house, it spawned only humble acoustic shows. It didn't seem to gain the affection or attention it deserved among the Trio-heads. 

Party Adjacent is the 12-track sophomore LP releasing this Friday, July 17, on Asian Man Records and premiering exclusively on Fuse, above. (Our player will take you straight through the record, like a nice piece of vinyl you just dropped the needle on.) (P.S.: pre-order!) It's an alternate universe Alkaline Trio record, one where Andriano writes all the songs instead of half or a third of them. Some but not all of the macabre imagery has been expelled. There's a cut called "Haunt Your House," and a booze-era Trio–friendly tune called "Plain Old Whiskey," which serves up an old-fashioned made out of Andriano's heart, some Maker's, lots of bitters, only a little sugar, no fruit. Like every few Trio albums, Party Adjacent still has the acoustic breathers; they're a strong suit for Dan, who came out swinging on Alk3's 1998 debut Goddammit with the heartrending, endearingly lisp-tinted "Enjoy Your Day." 

Enough about the Trio. This is Dan's moment, and his new record hangs together as a vivid snapshot in the life of this dad, husband and professional musician who's been at it for 20 damn years. Listen to Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room's Party Adjacent up top.

Here's what Dan told Fuse about the new record:

"I love being in a studio, and recording is sort of my favorite aspect of what I do at this point in my life. It's the most interesting to me, it's the most fun and I think that's where the most ideas really come from. I get way more productive in a studio setting than just sitting around my house trying to write a song. That being said, I knew I was going to have to do something much simpler [than the high-gloss, studio-intensive 2013 Trio album, My Shame Is True], so the idea of going to a studio was pretty important to me, but equally important was not wasting any time. I knew I was going to be working with people I'd never played with before, so there was going to be a little bit of a curve there, and a little bit of, like, 'Let's get to know each other and make sure we're vibing.' And fortunately everyone that I was working with was just awesome. We all kind of hit it off right away and started having fun. Then because of that we were able to record and mix in just under three weeks. Everyone was very positive and down to just work, and work all day, and that's what I like. I don't like being in a studio and sitting around, looking at menus, ordering lunch and then thinking about what's for dinner. I like to work and I like to listen to amps and then fucking tear everything down and put up different amps and listen to those. That's fun.

Hurricane Season sort of ended up being…I don't wanna call it a concept album, but there's definitely a flow to that record. It's definitely thematically cohesive, there's sort of an arc that starts out pretty bleak and ends pretty happy. I guess with Party Adjacent it's still a very personal record, but not every song is about missing home and wondering about certain decisions I've made. There's different thoughts, it's more of…I'm glad you said it sounds like a full album, because it's definitely not like a thematic type of thing."

Enjoy Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room's Party Adjacent; pre-order the project at Asian Man Records. You'll also enjoy our wide-ranging, candid conversation with Dan; we touched on bandmate Matt Skiba's new gig in Blink-182 (it might be permanent), balancing fatherhood and artistry, his favorite pieces of Alkaline Trio songwriting, the upcoming solo tour so much more.

Party Adjacent tracklist:
1. "Pretty Teeth"
2. "Wait"
3. "Eye Contact"
4. "Don't Have a Thing"
5. "My Human Being"
6. "Haunt Your House"
7. "Fire Pit"
8. "Enemies"
9. "Lowrider"
10. "Plain Old Whiskey"
11. "Lost"
12. "Snake Bites"