July 6, 2015


Watch the Opening Credits for the Long-Awaited 'Dragon Ball Super'

Hope your holiday weekend was restful, 'cause now it's time to go Super Saiyan.

After an 18-year absence, the Dragon Ball mythos is coming back. Following up Dragon Ball Z is Dragon Ball Super, which comes from original creator Akira Toriyama. Today, a month after our too-brief 14-second glimpse at the new series, we've got the glorious minute-and-a-half-long opening credits, complete with the new theme song. Watch the video up top.

The whole spiky-haired gang's here, ready to face the first onslaught of evil since Goku defeated Majin Buu and finally bought the world some peace. And while fans had to wait till the 95th episode of Dragon Ball Z to see Goku go Super Saiyan, here we get a clear look in under a minute.

You might not understand almost any of the Dragon Ball Super theme song, but you'll be singing that "go, let's go!" part all day for sure.