July 1, 2015


Eminem's Movie-Style "Phenomenal" Video Is on the Way: See a Preview

Have you ever watched Drive and then The Matrix and wished they were the one movie, only set in Japan and starring the Real Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers? You must've had a birthday recently, 'cause your wish came true.

"Phenomenal," Eminem's latest single, is getting a video—one that seems like it'll be an Apple Music exclusive—shortly. (Sounds like July 3.) Check out the cinematic teaser above.

It makes sense that "Phenomenal" would get a movie-style music video. The song comes from the soundtrack to Southpaw, a Jake Gyllenhaal fighting movie. Eminem supervised the soundtrack and appears on at least three songs.

Apple Music opened shop on Tuesday, and with it Beats 1, an international streaming radio station. BBC alum Zane Lowe is the Beats 1 mascot, and his upcoming interview with Eminem is one of the big centerpieces of the launch. That conversation is supposed to air today—Wednesday, July 1. (P.S., happy July.)