July 14, 2015


Watch Fall Out Boy Visit a Children's Hospital, Warm Your Heart

No doubt Fall Out Boy has been busy on their Boys of Zummer Tour with Wiz Khalifa, but the guys took some time out to meet their fans at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the results will get you feeling all fuzzy.

Fall Out Boy met a slew of their super-supporters, including an adorable boy who struggled to explain how big of a fan he is, a girl who sang her rendition of "Centuries," and one awesomely bold gal who asked if the gents would follow her on Twitter (you go girl). The fans also caught the guys by surprise with really good questions like, "What is your favorite thing about music and why?" Andrew Hurley gave an awesome answer, of course.

FOB also stuck around for some games that included Patrick Stump playing "What's Behind Me," where the singer had to guess what was playing on a green screen in back of him with only his members' clues to help out, and "Fall In or Fall Out" where the guys discuss whether things like MySpace or Snapchat are "in" nowadays or "out."

As much as we love seeing Fall Out Boy rocking out on stage, it's also awesome to see them show their human side and do a little extra good in the world. Rock on.