July 20, 2015


Culture Club Discuss New Single and Band's Cultural Influence on 'Got Ur #'

British new wave group Culture Club are back in the spotlight on this week's Got Ur #, dishing on their latest single and reunion tour, as well as discussing LGBT rights and how they fought for social equality throughout their careers.

On their new track "More Than Silence," lead singer Boy George explains that communication was the key concept behind the song. "The key to surviving in any relationship is being able to hear and talk and communicate, and it's not something any of us ever do that well."

The trio also discusses the recent Stateside progress for LGBT rights and reflects on Culture Club's own influence on spreading messages of tolerance and acceptance over the years.

"I think, in America, it's incredible some of the things that've happened. You've got sports people coming out—which still hasn't happened in the UK—you've got the Caitlyn Jenner thing; you've got marriage equality now, which I think is amazing," Boy George says. "I wish it wasn't a debate. I wish somebody's sexuality wasn't an issue. I personally feel like equality should be equality, whatever you are. People should kind of butt out of other people's relationships, including the government."

BG's open attitude toward social equality is nothing new to Culture Club fans, as the group has greatly influenced its generation of followers with messages of tolerance—without throwing it in your face. "I'm really proud of the fact that people who grew up with a Culture Club poster on their wall have a more open attitude toward life," guitarist Roy Hay adds.

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