July 21, 2015


Head North Continue on Promising Emo Journey With "The Path" Video

Here at Fuse, we know a good emo band when we see one. Which is why we're pumped to premiere the latest video from one of the scene's most promising acts, Head North. Watch the "The Path" above, exclusively on Fuse.

The dark visual is a look inside a lovelorn artist's head and how early romances shape us—and never really leave us. There's loads of trippy, swirling effects added to accompany the track's mix of pounding percussion and guitars moving from relentless power chords to lush, Beach House-esque notes.

Head North guitarist/vocalist Brent Martone gave a little more insight into the concept:

"'The Path' video is us trying to paint a dreamscape about how art takes the shape of an artists experience, sometimes as glimpses into what's ahead. We wanted to highlight this song with a video because although sonically it's a departure from the rest of the record, lyrically I think it's the centerpiece."

Martone added a few more notes about where "The Path" and its video fits into the band's latest EP, Bloodlines (which—surprise!—is getting a second round of vinyl pressings over at the band's official webstore):

"The entire record is about seeing myself take a different shape as I grew up. The record is a lot of explorations in story telling, based around themes from real life experiences I've had. Trying to find morals to different stories of my life I guess. 'The Path' is about looking up from sprinting through your life into the world around you to see it pass by. We wanted it to be haunting. I think Taylor Rambo did a great job helping us tell the story."

Watch the new video above and be on the look out for the Buffalo, New York natives to announce a new tour soon!