July 21, 2015


Q&A: Watch HoneyHoney Talk New Album '3'

"It's just a really nice, well-rounded exhibit of what we sound like," Suzanne Santo explains modestly of the latest studio album by the roots-y duo she fronts, HoneyHoney. Aptly titled 3, Suzanne and her partner Ben Jaffe attempted to create the album three times before securing producer Dave Cobb—a legend in his own right—and finally figured out the perfect way to translate their live sound to tape. 

With Cobb in the captain's chair, 3 was born: A cross-generational, genre-spanning record that tugs at the ears of staunch millennial subscribers of "hip" at the same time it plucks a deep chord of nostalgia in the most straight-laced among your grandparents. 

On their most recent jaunt around the country in support of the album, Jaffe and Santo paid a visit to Fuse in between the long drives to packed auditoriums waiting to catch a glimpse of their desert-folk stylings. The candid, down-to-earth pair explained the bittersweet struggles faced by modern musicians, how they made the career-altering decision to keep going, and the benchmarks reached in their sonics and their business on the new album 3

Watch the complete interview in two parts, above and below. And listen to 3 here or score it on iTunes.