July 20, 2015


See a Blood and a Crip Talk About Kendrick Lamar's Gang-Uniting Reeboks

Kendrick Lamar's new Reebox Ventilators are kicks with a message. A couple weeks ago we saw that the shoes were sewn with a message—RED on the right, BLUE on the left—meant to promote peace between L.A.'s Bloods and Crips. The word "neutral" is stitched inside.

Today a new clip has two Compton men—a Piru called G Weed and a Crip called Jigga—sitting down to talk about Kendrick's impact. Watch the conversation above.

"Music is real influential, and you got people like Kendrick that's, you, know, promoting unity," G Weed says. "And everything start with kids, that make these kids wanna be cool with each other, no matter what neighborhood they grew up in."

The two unbox the first pair of Ventilators, and they approve. "It's a lot of strength and power in that message," G Weed says. Jigga adds: "It's a unity thing. We taking steps together."

To see Kendrick's activism in motion and hear its sounds, check out the powerful "Alright" music video.