July 29, 2015


Watch Kim Kardashian's Totally Bizarre Energy Drink Ad Now

When Kim Kardashian isn't making us totally jealous with her ridiculously glamorous life, she's...starring in energy drink commercials?

The next-in-line to the Kardashian/Jenner matriarchy did an ad for Hype Energy Drink a few weeks ago, and the final version is here at last.

In the clip, Yeezy's queen does her best Audrey Hepburn (complete with too-adorable bicycle and baby bangs) and Marie Antoinette. Our Victorian lady is a sleepy human, blasting into futuristic hyper-speed after swilling the pink elixir. 

Watch it above, then click through photos from Kim K's Instagram that will make you want her life. Then flip through our favorite Caitlyn Jenner looks. We apologize in advance for the swooning.