July 6, 2015


Miley Cyrus Is a Skating Duck on the Bizarre Cartoon 'Stone Quackers'

Miley Cyrus has transformed her style multiple times throughout the years, but you've never seen her like this.

The "Nightmare" singer lent her voice to an episode of FXX's animated series Stone Quackers. In this episode of the bizarre cartoon—recommended for fans of Adult Swim—the starlet plays the object of affection for the main character, Bug, who is not an insect but an adorable duck who kind of looks like a Furby. Miley is also a duck (it appears), but perhaps the most unusual one we've ever seen in our lives.

In the 10-minute Stone Quackers episode, Miley's character appears at the beginning and shows up again toward the end. There's a lot of weird twists and turns (including a whole bit about Bug getting addicted to pretzels), but it's just further indication that Miley is still pop's most unpredictable superstar.

We'll gladly take a little cartoon Miley as we await that new album, which already has eight or 10 songs recorded.