July 14, 2015


Warped Tour's PUP Debut New Video For "Dark Days"

Toronto's PUP has been waving the flag for pop-punk just shy of five years now, and anyone who's ever taken real enjoyment from the polarizing genre couldn't be more proud. Nestor, Stefan, Steve and Zack bring together everything that's ever been great about the genre: anthemic sing-alongs, pop sensibility, distortion, emotion, imperfection. They thankfully left out the scene's most unattractive qualities: neon everything, Melodyne and beat-mapping, breakdowns and American Apparel V-necks. 

While half a decade doesn't seem like that much time in the grand scheme of things, the guys have stacked their fair share of bizarre road stories along the way. For the official video to their sixth single "Dark Days," they linked with animators to recreate some of those experiences with a comedic spin, including but not limited to a presumptuous and totally inappropriate sexual advance from the barkeep at a venue.

Watch the full video above, and keep up with PUP as the quartet continue their mission to defend pop-punk on this year's Vans Warped Tour, presumably in the same 15-passenger van they've cartoonized in the "Dark Days" music video.

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