July 15, 2015


R5 Explain What It's Really Like Being in a Band With Your Siblings

Being a band with all your siblings either sounds like an absolute nightmare or a total dream. For R5—made up of brothers Ross, Riker and Rocky Lynch, sister Rydel, and their best friend Ellington Ratliff—it's (almost) always the latter. We caught up with "Let's Not Be Alone Tonight" quintet to find out what it's really like mixing work and family. Ross broke it down for Fuse:

"It's very interesting being in a band with your siblings. We get along so well, we really do, and we're always so passionate about the band. We always want the best thing for the band. But being siblings, sometimes you can get a little argumentative because you know each other so well, you've grown up with each other and you've been around each other so long. There's no filter."

While the group's arguments are pretty tame, guitarist Rocky says, "Sometimes there's a fist throw occasionally," before adding with a laugh, "Sometimes you got to knock each other out."

Find out the last thing Ross did to make the other members angry and more in our interview above. Then join R5 in tour rehearsals as we chat about their just-released new album Sometime Last Night.